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Tom Shatel
Tom Shatel

Meet David Worlock, Final Four media coordinator

By TOM SHATEL / Omaha World-Herald

Bill Hancock has left the NCAA as Division I men's basketball media coordinator to run the BCS. Good luck, Bill. And we really mean it.

Hancock's replacement is David Worlock. He's 35, from upstate New York. He was a longtime Division II sports information director and has been with the NCAA since 2001. He's someone we should get to know:

How long have you been with the NCAA?

DW: I started Sept. 10, 2001. The first day was training, down in the basement of the NCAA. So the first day at my desk was Sept. 11, 2001. It was very strange. I remember most people were watching the TV that day. Someone came up to me and said, "Who are you?"

Where are you from?

DW: I was born in Herkimer, N.Y., between Syracuse and Albany. I was a military brat. My dad was in the Army. I grew up in Germany. I remember watching the NCAA championship game every year over there at 3 a.m. I grew up a big Syracuse fan. The year Keith Smart hit the shot, I had to shower and go to school in a bad mood.

David Worlock

Where did you go to college?

DW: I went to college at Henderson State, a Division II school in Arkansas. I graduated in 1992. The next year, I became the school's SID, at 23. I was there until the NCAA hired me.

What did you do for the NCAA?

DW: I was assistant director of statistics. I worked the stats for all Division III women's soccer, basketball and men's lacrosse. I've also done football and hockey. My boss, Jim Wright, was the media coordinator for the College World Series. I told him one time I would love to go one year and help. In 2002, I went as a fan. One of the NCAA people couldn't make it so I ended up helping. When Jim stepped down from media coordinator of the CWS, I got the job. I did it in 2004 and 2005. I think that helped me get this position when Bill left.

Do you talk to Bill a lot about your job?

DW: I'm in constant communication with him. I probably e-mail him an average of five times a day. Most of the time I "cc" him something I tell somebody else, just my way of saying, "Right, Bill?" Just to make sure I don't pass on wrong information.

You joined the USBWA, right?

DW: Yes. One of the first things Greg Shaheen told me when I took this job was to make our relationship with the USBWA a priority. I think we have a good relationship. I want to make it better. I want the members to know I'm open to all ideas with the championship, with regards to credentials, who should get them, the seating, etc. I want the USBWA members to feel like they have ownership in this event.

One of our biggest issues with the tournament now is wireless. It's been inconsistent. And pricey at times.

DW: We are discussing that. What we're striving for this year is consistency at every site, whether it's first round or Final Four. Last year, some had it, some didn't, some made it affordable, others didn't. We want it to be cost-effective. We're striving to be on the cutting edge of that. It will be available at all sites. The price, I don't know that yet.

Anything new in this year's tournament the media should know?

DW: Yes. We are changing the practice times for the teams at the first-round sites, to make them more attractive to the media and help them meet their deadlines. It will be shorter times, so we can get the day over sooner.

Do you have a stance on future media seating, at the Final Four and throughout the tournament?

DW: I do recognize that that is a big issue. I want you to know I will fight the (NCAA Basketball) Committee on that if it ever gets to a serious discussion.

Thanks, Dave. Look forward to seeing you at our board meeting and regular meeting in Indianapolis.

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